Advancing Together With Barrick Gold

People BLOG: A strong Nevada starts with education

After nearly 30 years of continuous operations and growth in the state, Barrick’s roots run deep in Nevada. In the coming weeks on this website, you’ll learn how Barrick’s people and our partners are making a difference in a state that remains the foundation of our company’s success.

In many of Nevada’s rural counties, Barrick has been a major provider of economic opportunity and community support since our 1987 purchase of the Goldstrike Mine in Eureka County. Over the years, we grew to lead our industry and to embrace the responsibilities that come with leadership. As a result, we at Barrick made a conscious decision to be a positive force in Nevada — all of Nevada — through a culture of service and generosity.


The quality of public education remains a critical public policy concern in Nevada, and Barrick strives to play a meaningful role in improving on the status quo. We have established many constructive partnerships with effective organizations in urban Nevada, driven by our core belief in the value of education and support for children and families. Some of our key partners include Communities in Schools, Opportunity Village, Three-Square Food Bank and The Public Education Foundation.

By funding and directly participating in these important programs and many others, we are fully engaged in the fight for a better quality of life in Nevada. Our urban engagements complement our longstanding work with many rural partners and the Western Shoshone communities of Nevada.

Recently, we announced the establishment of a business office in southern Nevada. Over the next several months, the bulk of our corporate Information Management and Technology function will move to Henderson, Nevada, further demonstrating our commitment to the state. Elected leaders, including Governor Brian Sandoval and Senator Harry Reid, envision a more diverse Nevada economy, driven by investments in technology and clean energy. We share their vision and intend to be a part of the future it promises. As such, we are recruiting and hiring local talent to staff our Henderson office, which we expect to open this summer. Barrick’s sizable data storage is now housed in Las Vegas as well.

Barrick is a global company with operations on five continents. Nevertheless, for more than 4,000 Barrick employees, home really does mean Nevada and we have an opportunity to make it a better place. Barrick’s newest board member and a prominent Nevadan, Brian Greenspun, plays an important role in advising our business, and his point of view is a welcome addition to the company. At a recent fundraising event for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Brian hosted a discussion of higher education with former U.S. Secretary of State and likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. During her keynote address, Madam Secretary recognized Barrick as a company that was doing good things in education and vocational training, even mentioning our long-term partnership with Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada. Politics aside, her comments made it clear that people are noticing Barrick’s investments in people and the opportunities those investments create.

We’ve all heard a great deal of talk about sustainability, especially with regard to the cyclical nature of the mining industry and its effects, good or bad, on communities. I am proud to say that I think we have tapped into the source of true sustainability – education. Nothing sustains a person and his or her community like the skills and knowledge needed to make a living and provide for one’s family. Healthy, engaged kids grow up to become productive adults. At Barrick, we know that their success will build a brighter, more sustainable future for Nevada — all of Nevada.