Advancing Together With Barrick Gold

People Barrick reaches agreement with Diaguita indigenous communities

After six months of dialogue, Barrick has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 15 Diaguita indigenous communities in Chile’s Huasco province, where the company’s Pascua-Lama project is located.

As part of the agreement, Barrick will make technical and environmental information about the project available to the communities and will provide financial resources and materials required to support analysis of this information. This will allow the communities to study and better understand the project, its impacts and its environmental controls.

The agreement will see the formation of a technical committee with representatives appointed by each party, and an independent mediator.

“We believe this agreement will form the basis of a new relationship with Diaguita communities, one based on transparency, openness and trust,” said Eduardo Flores, Barrick’s Executive Director in Chile. “Earning that trust will take time, and it will require consistent engagement and commitment. We’re confident that Pascua-Lama is on that path.”

The Diaguita were recognized as an indigenous group by Chile in 2006. They are organized into distinct communities throughout the Huasco province in northern Chile.

In the coming months, these activities could help to lay the groundwork for a broader Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between the Diaguita communities and Barrick.