Advancing Together With Barrick Gold

People Contract with mine supplier yields big gains for small-scale farmers

More than 100 farmers in Peru’s La Libertad region will be employed by Totus Lynda, a local food distributer, to supply vegetables to SODEXO, the catering company that serves Barrick’s Pierina and Lagunas Norte mines.

The initiative stems from a partnership in La Libertad between the USAID-run Poverty Reduction and Alleviation (PRA) project, Barrick and Poderosa Mining Company. The PRA project helps reduce poverty in rural northern Peru by connecting small-scale farmers and local entrepreneurs to new markets for their products.

As part of the initiative with Totus Lynda, the PRA project invested $38,000 to fund upgrades to the distributor’s infrastructure. In addition, Totus Lynda and the farmers received training from SODEXO to improve the quality of their vegetables, as well as their food handling and storage procedures.

Previously, these farmers would often sell their produce at a loss. The SODEXO contract guarantees the farmers a larger market and a better price for their produce through Totus Lynda.