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People Granny Smith meal program keeps youngsters active

“Nothing is worse than feeling hungry,” says Frances Mills, Environment and Community Superintendent at Barrick’s Granny Smith mine in Australia. “A piece of fresh fruit and a nutritious sandwich keeps the hunger pangs away, and helps children in schools near the mine actively engage in their school activities and learning.”

Since the late 1990s, the Granny Smith mine has provided a wide range of fresh foods, including breakfast cereals, fruit and sandwiches to children attending local schools.

The Health Food Program is currently being delivered to the local indigenous community school and two public schools in communities near the Granny Smith mine.

“Laverton School is breakfast only, but we do supply food for the Mount Margaret Remote Community School, which uses the food to supply lunch to the children,” says Mills. “This brings the parents down to the school to help prepare the lunch for their children.