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People Barrick's Granny Smith mine wins award for community safety

Barrick's Environmental Superintendent Frances Mills and Granny Smith Mine General Manager Julie Shuttleworth proudly hold the Gold Award from the Fire and Emergency Services Association of Western Australia presented to the mine for its support of volunteers.

Barrick's Granny Smith mine in Western Australia has been honored with a Gold Award from the Fire and Emergency Services Association (FESA) to recognize the mine’s significant contributions to community safety.

The award is part of the Volunteer Employer Recognition Program initiated by FESA three years ago to honor companies who release FESA volunteers from day-to-day duties to respond to emergencies or attend specialized training as a service to their communities.

The core values necessary to be shown by an employer to receive this award are:

  • A strong sense of community spirit and support
  • Open and honest two way communication with volunteers
  • Mutual respect
  • Contribution to corporate social responsibility

Barrick's Environmental Superintendent Frances Mills and Environmental Manager Leon Hill accepted the award on behalf of the mine during a special awards ceremony at the end of July.

Laverton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Captain Tiffany Farlow, who has worked at the Granny Smith mine for several years, nominated the mine for the award.

“The support Granny Smith provides to emergency services in our small and remote community of Laverton is invaluable,” said Farlow. “Our community relies heavily on volunteers to provide essential fire and rescue services. Knowing that Granny Smith understands the importance of this and actively supports volunteer release without penalty allows my group to perform at its peak. Granny Smith not only provides us with in-kind support, it also assists our Brigade with financial donations and will release other Barrick emergency services people to help us from time to time.”

Mine General Manager Julie Shuttleworth says that safety and positive community relationships are core to Barrick.

“Granny Smith has been able to demonstrate both values in helping our local community, and we are privileged to receive this gold award,” she said.

As Western Australia’s leading hazard management agency, the Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia (FESA) performs a critical role coordinating emergency services for a range of natural disasters and emergency incidents threatening life and property. Supported by an extensive network of over 32,000 volunteers and 1,076 career firefighters, FESA works together with the community and government to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from a diverse range of emergencies. Operating 24 hours a day, year-round, FESA provides emergency services across 2.5 million square kilometers on land, by sea and air.