Advancing Together With Barrick Gold

Mining Decoding sustainable growth

What happens when Barrick’s drive to innovate coalesces with our goal to generate economic prosperity for our partner communities? A massive hackathon.


Barrick’s latest hackathon took place in Las Vegas from March 9-11. It’s been the largest event of its kind the Company has organized to date in terms of participation from outside people as well as from inside Barrick.

This was the Company’s sixth hackathon. Our experience with these events so far has taught us many things. One of them being that hackathons are an avenue to not only generate innovative ideas to industry challenges, but also to support economic growth in our host communities.

In this podcast, we take you on a trip from Nevada to Argentina to show how through hackathons we’ve woven together the threads of innovation and sustainability in mining.


The hackathon in Las Vegas has been the largest event of its kind Barrick has organized so far.


Paul Anderson, Executive Director at the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, was a keynote speaker at the hackathon in Las Vegas.


The event drew participants from many places around the world to the city. Left to right: Tyler Godoff, Manager of Innovation Partnerships, and University of Southern California Students Bhavya Gulati, Sukriti Sharma and Saurabh Thakur.


The winners of Barrick’s hackathon in Argentina also participated in the Las Vegas hackathon. Left to right: Alejandro Madcur, Santiago Azcona and Joaquin Sousa.


The hackathon in Las Vegas was part of a series of tech events dubbed BattleBorn, which included a startup exchange.