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Mining Digital training for digital skills in San Juan

Knowledge for an increasingly digital labor market


Cisco’s Networking Academy made its debut this past weekend in Jachal and Iglesia—two communities in the Argentine province of San Juan—thanks to an agreement between San Juan’s Ministry of Education, Cisco, and the Veladero mine.

The program offers free training on digital skills for registered community residents. The first phase, which kicked off on December 2, is teaching students fundamental digital skills for a period of eight weeks. Following this, there will be more advanced courses to give participants the knowledge required to be competitive in an increasingly digital labor market.

“Part of our strategy to improve the opportunities to find quality jobs in the local communities involves boosting digital skills in Jachal and Iglesia,” says Soledad Echague, Community Relations Manager for Veladero. “Doing this will diversify the available talent in the communities, and will likely raise the level of entrepreneurship in the region.”

Barrick and Shandong—our partner at Veladero—financed renovations in the two schools offering the courses. There was also support for new equipment, software, and training for the instructors.

“The instructors and students in this school are very excited about this opportunity,” says Nancy Heredia, Director at EPET No. 1 in Jachal. “Without Veladero’s support with this program, we would probably have to leave the province to have this Cisco training. We’re proud of being able to offer it in our school.”

Earlier this year, Barrick launched a similar program in Nevada, in partnership with Great Basin College.