Advancing Together With Barrick Gold

Mining The CodeMine

Barrick’s CodeMine is the company’s digital transformation hub

Located in Elko, Nevada, Barrick’s CodeMine is the company’s digital transformation hub. The space takes its name from the concept of mining for computer code, the programming language that makes all software and computers work.

The space itself is open-concept with work areas for each Digital Transformation project. It features large touch screens for presentations and boasts high ceilings to ensure the futurists and tech dreamers who work here have canvases large enough to let their imaginations live and breathe the mining challenges they are here to solve. The space is still in development, however, large colorful shipping containers will eventually be installed as offices stacked in creative configurations.

The CodeMine is designed to coax creativity out of those who work here. Teams work frenetically and cheek by jowl with our mine operators and software development teams to design tools that will allow our people to make better, faster and safer decisions. These tools range in function and will help mine operators locate equipment and personnel, update tasks, coordinate efforts and identify efficiencies in the open pit and underground environments—all in real-time.

Using mine operator feedback and big data and analytics, the Digital Transformation team works to continuously improve these tools for our men and women, creating true Barrick solutions. Ultimately, their work will help us use data and analytics to generate more value more sustainably and more transparently for our own people, our communities and our shareholders.