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The digital reinvention of our business

In a seminal moment in our history, we are partnering with Cisco Systems to drive the digital reinvention of our business. Harnessing the power of computers will allow us to bring data and insights to our people when they need them no matter where they are, so they can make better decisions, and unlock value across the business.

Integrating digital technology will also improve our environmental performance, and help us become even more transparent and accountable. Real-time capture of key water monitoring data is already happening in some of our locations, and this data is being shared publicly with our local partners.

Our collaboration with Cisco will focus initially on the development of a flagship digital operation at the Cortez mine in Nevada. An early adopter of digital technology, Cortez was a natural jumping off point for our digital reinvention. Over time, as we build on the experience at Cortez, we will bring digital technology to all of our mines as well as our head office in Toronto.

“We’re proud to be the launching pad for Barrick’s digital reinvention,” says Matt Gili, Executive General Manager of the Cortez District. “The integration of new tools and technologies will make our already outstanding workforce even better. It’s an exciting time here at Cortez and for all of Barrick.”

In the months that follow, you will read about the first wave of projects that will redefine best-in-class mining. From the rollout of a Wi-Fi network in the Cortez underground, to the use of real-time data analytics at the mine’s open pit, to the automation of the Cortez mill, the mine is embedding technology in every dimension of the operation. These new tools will make our business better, faster and safer, and will be driven by our greatest asset—our people.

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