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Mining Listín Diario visits Pueblo Viejo

Editors from the Dominican Republic's national newspaper tour the mine site

Construction of Pueblo Viejo involved an investment of nearly $4 billion, the largest foreign investment in the history of the Dominican Republic.

Barrick Pueblo Viejo welcomed editors from Listín Diario, the most-read newspaper in the Dominican Republic, for a tour of the mine site this week. The tour was hosted by Manuel Rocha, President of Barrick Pueblo Viejo, along with leaders from the mine's operations, environment, and corporate social responsibility departments.

The visitors learned about the mine's significant contribution to the country's economy, including the growth of direct and indirect employment opportunities at the mine itself, and in the local area. More than 90% of the 2,200 people who work at Pueblo Viejo are Dominican, and about 330 local businesses have been established since Barrick took ownership of the Pueblo Viejo mine in 2006.

Read more about the tour in Listín Diario (in Spanish):