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Mining Visit Veladero mine with the click of a mouse

It’s not easy to get to the Veladero mine. Located in the Andes Mountains in central Argentina, the property is more than 4,000 meters above sea level and 1,550 kilometers from the capital of Buenos Aires.

While members of surrounding communities visit Veladero regularly, the mine’s remote location means other stakeholders rarely get a firsthand look at the site. Until now. The Veladero Virtual Tour recently went online, allowing anyone, no matter how far away, a close-up view of the mine by simply clicking a mouse. Viewers can observe 10 different operational areas, including one of three open pits at the mine, the milling facility where ore is crushed and the leaching valley where gold is separated from ore. Text-based explanations of each area are provided in English or Spanish. The tour features high-definition video, 360-degree panning and a zoom function, giving viewers the impression that they are on site.

The tour is one of the first of its kind in South America and underscores Barrick’s commitment to transparency and keeping its stakeholders informed about its activities. Click here to take the tour of Veladero.

Veladero is a conventional open-pit operation located in the San Juan province of Argentina, immediately to the south of the Pascua-Lama project in the Frontera District. The property is located at elevations of 4,000-4,850 meters above sea level, approximately 374 kilometers northwest of the city of San Juan.